What We Value in Engineers

Tom Leach

One of the huge strengths of GameChanger’s open culture of feedback is that we’re relentless about continuously improving the way we do pretty much everything.

Over time, we’ve evolved a strong collective understanding of what it means to be a “good engineer”. Until now this wisdom has really only existed in people’s heads and has only been expressed verbally, an approach which doesn’t scale particularly well.

So, today we’re launching What Good Engineers Do, a manifesto of sorts, an explicit declaration of what characteristics and practices we as a company value in engineers.

What this manifesto is not is an arbitrary list of programming languages, tools, methodologies or achievements we believe you must have mastered to become a good engineer. We believe that smart people with the right qualities are far more valuable than experienced people with the wrong qualities.

At GameChanger we plan to start using “What Good Engineers Do” as a set of success criteria against which to measure individual progress and set goals for improvement.

Can you think of any qualities of good engineers which you think we’ve missed?